Is Christianity truly a tool to salvation or means of wealth accumulation..

Today in Nigeria you walk three blocks on a street and you find three to four churches on a single street, some are located in a bar, beer parlours, hotels and some in a kiosk.. People don’t bother to care as long as God God is been mentioned.. And like the Bible say when two or three are gathered in the name of the lord the lord is present…

My question is the lord always present in every gathering in every churches on the street?… Today u hear or sort of strong prophetic names of churches own by so called men of God and I ask my self, Is this title ” men of God” bestowed by God or its just a normal phenomenon for our dear pastors…

Churches today generates more money than a cement manufacturing company in Nigeria… They don’t pay taxes, they don’t need to buy raw materials all they just need to do is to always inscribe the name of God in every practices they engage in…. Many people will argue that this so called churches and men of God are doing Gods work… Well I don’t argue with them but my question is a country with so much holy names and yet filled with so much crime, who has the holy men been preaching to?

Most expensive private universities in Nigeria are own by this top churches and these schools are majorly been enrolled into by top politicians and the wealthy of the society… Only the few rich members of this churches can attend this schools. Most of the people who raised money to build this schools cannot afford the fees of this schools so they send their children to state or federal universities..

You see many men of God as they call them been guarded by armed men when attending a crusade or going to a normal church, I wonder if the devil has started using physical weapons to manifest, many of this men of God and own countless cars and private jets, some foolish members will say its Gods blessings yet they still walk on foot, as if they have been omitted by God..

If Christianity is a way of life as they say it.. That means so many of this men of God are the reason why many young Nigerians go into desperate acts to get wealthy in other to secure a particular trendy way of life..

It has also come to my notice that in a big church for you to be recognized as a Dickens, elder or apostle you must also rich.. Guess the appointment is now more or less political appointment…

Finally I would like to point out the fact that most of my friends who don’t have good clothes and money for tithes and offering are always scared to go to Church on Sundays, because on Sundays you must look rich in the sight of your fellow members and pastors… People are now so hypocritical that they now fear their man of God more than God himself… Imagine a woman kneeling down to greet her pastor in public but would not dare to do the same for her husband in private…

The church is marching on and the gates of hell cannot prevail.. Let’s just hope the church itself is not the embassy of hell…..


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