Threats to the igbos in the northern part of Nigeria

The arewa community has sanctioned a warning to all the igbo people doing businesses or living in the north to evacuate their territory before first of October, hence they face serious harm…

As if the boko haram sects is not bad enoug… This Hausa’s has threaten to kill any igbo man they find in the top northern cities like kano, kastina, sokoto, Maiduguri and kadunna.. Now my question is what happens to their investments and properties they already own in the north..

The Arewa youth leader mallam musa Abdulsalami said since the igbos are planning to declear Biafra on independence day celebration.. They will make it impossible for them to do it on their soil, he said they should go back home and declare the biafra in thier backyards…

Another question that is popping up is… Is it all the igbos that support this Biafra movement? And if so why have they thought of a way to ship thier houses and properties back to the east…

Except Nnamdi kalu and his comrades are ready to compensate individuals who might loose thier properties, i say they have a lot of work and damages at hand… If the succession of Biafra programme actually takes place on the 1st of October 2017….


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